Wendy Luella Everly

is the heiress to the Trylle throne. With wild curly dark hair and mahogany eyes, she struggles between duty and following her heart.

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Wendy’s psycho-kinetic abilities include persuasion, mind slap, hearing thoughts, and telekinesis. She will be one of the most powerful trolls around (once she learns to get a grip on her abilities).

Elora Dahl

is Wendy’s mother, queen of the Trylle, and former wife of Oren, the Vittra King. She is one of the most powerful trolls ever known and has alternately been described as cold, shrewd, and horrible and self-sacrificing, loyal and loving.

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Along with other telekinetic abilities, Elora can paint snapshots of the future. Unfortunately, her ability weakens her, causing severe migraines and premature aging.


is Elora’s mother and former Trylle queen, who was killed by Oren after helping Elora hide the newborn Wendy.

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Elora requested that Wendy take Ella’s name after the christening ceremony.

Markis & Marksinna

The Kroners

Aurora Kroner

is a powerful healer, Tove’s mother, and Elora’s biggest political rival. With a mossy green complexion and superior demeanor, Aurora oozes power.

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Aurora’s family is next-in-line for the throne and she never hesitates to remind Elora of this fact through a steady stream of politely condescending barbs—venom in the guise of sweetness. Though way too focused on material wealth, Aurora is also fiercely loyal to the Trylle way of life.

Noah Kroner

is Aurora’s ever-silent husband and father to both Tove and a daughter who will soon return to Förening. He is formal, respectful, and dignified.

Tove Kroner

is a second-in-line to the throne after Wendy and is also her trainer. With the distinct mossy-green complexion of only the most powerful Trylle, Tove is considered handsome as well as scattered, quirky, and a bit anti-social.

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Tove can tell what people are thinking based on the chatter or energy they project and what they are feeling based on their aura. He is a loyal supporter of Wendy’s (as well as one of her closest friends).

The Stroms

Garret Strom

is Willa’s father and a handsome, easy-going man in his mid-forties with dark, disheveled hair.

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Garret’s wife was killed before Willa was returned to Förening. His likes include spending time with Elora and the occasional spiked drink. He is one of the Queen’s closest confidantes

Willa Strom

is a waif of a girl with light brown curls that fall down her back. She also has power over the wind (which she often uses to guarantee a good hair day).

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Willa is older than Wendy and has the kind of natural charisma that easily wins people over, along with a penchant for trinkets and high-fashion. As a changeling, Willa was privileged to the point of excess and, while she can still be a bit high-strung and snobby at times her genuine concern makes her Wendy’s best friend.

Other High Ranking Officals

Markis Bain

is one of the more trustworthy advisors and is in charge of changeling placement.

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He is quiet and polite even when he disagrees and is one of the few members of the queen’s advisory board who genuinely seems to want to do what is best for all the people.

Markis Court

is the treasurer of the palace and a member of the queen’s advisory board.

Marksinna Laris

is a very powerful Trylle capable of producing and controlling fire. She wears her hair pulled back in a super-tight bun.

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Like most Markis and Marksinna, Laris supports the system as it has been for centuries and adamantly (and vocally) resists change. While not particularly trustworthy or respectful, she is one of the most influential people in Förening.

The Chancellor

is an official elected by the people to serve on the board of advisors. He is also a conniving coward.

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The Chancellor is described as a pasty overweight man with mild healing powers and a nasty tendency to go beet red and sweat profusely when agitated. He is often more focused on what is good for him than what is good for the people.


Annali Holmes

is Finn’s mother and is pretty but tired with dark, hard eyes. No older than forty, her skin has the worn tanned look that comes from a lifetime of work.

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Annali is no stranger to loss and longing. She harbors animosity toward a hierarchy that has kept her husband—and now her son—away from home and in danger for many years. Fiercely loyal and direct, Annali loves and protects her family at all costs.

Ember Holmes

is Finn’s twelve-year-old sister. She is exuberant, inquisitive, and tends to be a bit star-struck around royalty.

Finn Holmes

is one of the best trackers in Trylle. He will never be royalty, but with his black hair, super dark eyes, and sexy stubble, twenty-year-old Finn commands attention.

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Finn has served Elora for years, bringing back several noble changelings including Wendy and Willa. As a tracker, he can sense when his charges are upset or in danger and places duty, obedience, and loyalty to the throne far above his own desires. Usually gracious and respectful, Finn can also be jealous and irritable. He is well-versed in Trylle history and accepts the social structure as it stands.

Thomas Holmes

is the head guard in charge of security and all the trackers. He’s also Finn’s father, though he has lighter eyes and a tan complexion.

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Thomas serves on the queen’s board of advisors and was Elora’s tracker and personal bodyguard for many years. During that time, he lived in the palace and had an affair with the queen.

Duncan Janssen

is a 27 year-old tracker, Wendy’s bodyguard/shadow and one of her closest friends. Though clumsy and small, he is smarter than most people give him credit for.

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His unassuming boyish charm has been known to catch Vittra trackers off-guard.




is the vicious Vittra King, the kind of man who would kill a parent in front of their own child. As one of the last full-blooded Vittra to be born, he is nearly immortal and one hundred years old.

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Oren ages at a much slower rate than normal and heals very quickly, making it hard for him to be killed or even hurt. He’s also one of the most callously cruel, vindictive, and bloodthirsty kings to ever live. Oren has always wanted the Trylle powers and wealth. He sees Wendy and her power, as his best shot at having it all.


is Oren’s wife and an incredibly beautiful, incredibly kind and meek Vittra healer with long black shiny straight hair held back in a ponytail and eyes almost as dark as Finn’s.

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Sara was betrothed to Loki—until Oren decided he wanted her to be his bride. It’s no wonder she’s developed several nervous habits, it’s not easy being Oren’s wife.


is Sara’s yippy pup—a Pomeranian.

Markis & Marksinna

Markis Loki Staad

is insanely handsome and next in line for the throne of the Vittra (not that he’ll ever get it). He is tall and muscular with caramel eyes and light hair.

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Physically, Loki was strong enough to lift a baby grand piano by the time he could walk. He has both Trylle and Vittra blood and is charming, cocky and a bit of a mystery. Loki was betrothed to Sara as a young child. He finds Wendy intriguing and infuriating.



is a Vittra tracker with a dark pixie cut and a long black leather jacket.

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A typically violent Vittra, Kyra broke Wendy’s ribs and nearly killed her while retrieving her for Oren.


is a male Vittra tracker killed in an attack on the Trylle palace during Wendy’s coronation ceremony.



is a typical hobgoblin—“hip-high” to Loki with humanoid features but slimy skin and tufts of gray hair.

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Like most hobgoblins, Ludlow is known more for his brute force than his intelligence.


Rhys Dahl

Rhys is Wendy’s mänkslig. He is a good-natured and endearing boy with sandy hair, sapphire eyes, an easy smile, and open face.

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Since Rhys and Wendy were switched at birth, he grew up in Förening with Elora. Rhys is enthusiastic, curious and loves technology.


is Willa’s mänsklig. She’s a little older than Wendy with shiny red hair, sparkling green eyes and a nervous smile.

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Though Garrett has always treated Rhiannon well, it’s just not the same as being his daughter. Rhiannon is warm, friendly, and a little intimidated by Trylle royalty. She’s also Rhys’s BFF.


is a small human girl who grew up in Förening as a mänkslig and now serves as Elora’s secretary.


Matt Everly

is Wendy’s host brother. Sturdy and athletic, he has the same neatly trimmed sandy hair and sapphire eyes as his parents—and Rhys.

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Matt is quiet, reserved and into architecture—the type of person who thinks things over carefully before making a decision. He raised Wendy after his mother tried to kill her and loves his sister unconditionally. Matt has a strong sense of duty.

Maggie Everly

is Wendy’s legal guardian and loving aunt (in her human life). She made lots of sacrifices to care for Wendy after her host mom, Kim, tried to kill her.

Kim Everly

is Wendy’s “host” mother.

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Convinced that Wendy was a monster and not her daughter (Kim swore she’d given birth to a boy), Kim tried to kill Wendy at her sixth birthday party. Currently she lives in an institution.