The Five Tribes

Trylle (Pronounced “trill”) are beautiful trolls with psycho-kinetic powers, who prefer to make gardens, not war.   The practice of changelings is a cornerstone of their society providing most of the community’s wealth (changelings bring back trust funds!). Once plentiful, their numbers and abilities are fading, but the Trylle are still one of the largest tribes of trolls.


Vittra tend to be a more violent than other troll tribes.  Their powers lie in physical strength and longevity, though some still have mild psycho-kinesis. While most Vittra are generally good-looking, more than half of their offspring are born as hobgoblins.  It’s believed that a witch’s curse has made it hard for the Vittra to have children, which may be why they almost never practice changelings.


Skojare are a semi-aquatic tribe of trolls.  That means that about two-thirds of them have gills for breathing underwater, which would be cool if it didn’t create a massive dependence on freshwater. Once plentiful, the Skojare are now almost extinct (only about five thousand are left on the entire planet!) and they never have changelings.


Kanin are one of the more powerful tribes of trolls, so they can afford to live quietly and peacefully.  They’re also hide-and-seek masters!  Like chameleons, Kanin can change their skin color to blend into their surroundings.  Only one-in-ten are ever changelings.


Omte are the tribe that give trolls a bad name.  They are generally less-attractive, rude, and cranky, so it’s probably a good thing there aren’t that many of them.  The Omte still practice changelings but they pick lower-class families than the Trylle.