Watersong Characters

Gemma Anne Fisher

is sixteen years old with bronze skin, honey-colored eyes, a petite and slender frame, and golden brown hair with natural highlights. Gemma's passion is swimming. She never misses a swim practice, and she often goes for late-night swims in Anthemusa Bay.

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Gemma is always determined to get what she wants, even when the odds are against her. She's sweet, smart, and humorous. Gemma has a complicated relationship with her sister Harper, but they still love each other.

Harper Lynn Fisher

is eighteen years old and Gemma's older sister. She has long, thick, dark hair and tanned skin. In high school, she had a part-time job at the library, volunteered at the animal shelter, and still managed to get a 4.0.

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Harper is a caring older sister, even though she can get on Gemma's nerves by being overprotective sometimes. Harper doesn't think romance is worth all the time and drama - but that might be changing...

Daniel Grant Morgan

has shaggy, dirty blond hair, hazel eyes with flecks of blue in them, and a muscular frame. Since getting evicted from his apartment, he's been living on the boat his grandfather left him. He has a grungy style.

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Still, Daniel is funny, nice and willing to help anyone who needs it. He has a tattoo of a large, black tree on his back.

Alexander (Alex) Leonard Lane

has lived next door to Gemma and Harper for the past ten years. He has unruly dark hair, tan skin, broad shoulders, and strong arms. Gemma has never thought of Alex as crush-worthy... until recently.

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Alex can often be found playing video games or with his nose stuck in a book. He's a little shy at times, but Gemma encourages him to be more adventurous. Alex is much taller than Gemma is, almost towering above her, and his muscled frame makes her feel safe. His eyes are a deep mahogany that convey warmth, kindness, and loyalty.


arrived in Capri along with Thea and Lexi as soon as the weather started warming up. No one knows who she and her friends, Lexi and Thea, are or what they are doing in Capri. Along with Lexi and Thea, she emanates beauty and mystery.

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Penn has silky black hair dark eyes, full lips, long bronze legs, and bright white teeth that at times, seem abnormally sharp. Her voice is like honey, and she catches the attention of every man she passes.


is a member of the mysterious group of girls who have come to Capri for unknown reasons. She has blond hair that's literally the color of gold, and her eyes are the same aqua shade as the ocean. Like Penn, she has a voice like honey.


is also a member of the mysterious group of girls who have come to Capri. She is beautiful with fiery red curls. Thea’s voice has a rasp to it that isn't exactly unattractive... but it isn't quite right.

Nathalie Fisher

is Gemma and Harper's mom. She is slender and beautiful with long brown hair. Nine years ago, Nathalie was in a car accident and was left with permanent mental and physical disabilities, as well as memory loss.

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After trying to take care of her at home and finding it impossible, Harper's dad had no choice but to find a group home for Nathalie. Nathalie loves her daughters and enjoys it when they visit every week. However, she has trouble remembering details about their lives and sometimes experiences violent outbursts.

Brian Fisher

is Gemma and Harper's dad. He is a tall, handsome man with big strong hands, worn from years of working at the dock. He is a caring and loving father who wants the best for his daughters, even if he doesn't always see eye-to-eye with them.

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Brian usually waits up for Gemma to get home when she's late, even though he has to go to work at 5AM. He believes it's important that his daughters have the chance to live their lives, although it would probably be safer for them to stay at home 24/7.

Marcy Baker

is Harper's co-worker at the library. She wears jeans with holes and funny t-shirts. Even though Marcy is seven years older than Harper and technically her boss, Harper is more responsible.

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Marcy loves books, which is why she got into the field, but she also prefers books over people, which is why she often delegates the front-desk duties to Harper.