Changeling Quiz

Feel like you don’t fit in? Think your family is too weird for words? Got a case of the crankies? We all have our bad days, but guess what? You might be a changeling! Don’t wait for a tracker to hunt you down. Take this quick quiz and find out now.

Describe your social life at school.
“I just don’t fit in.”
“I am obviously superior. Teachers can’t even look me in the eye.”
“Um, normal I guess. Why do you ask?”

If you were about to face the firing squad, you’d want your last meal to be…
Stir-fry. Duh.
Pass the veggies, please! Fresh. Organic. Produce. Followed by fruit and nuts. Mmm…
Meat-lover’s pizza with a large soda and a brownie-sundae for dessert. Nothing better!

Which of the following adjectives best describes your personality?
Strong-willed. “I don’t mean to act out, but I do.”
Charming. “People do what I want them to do…when I want them to do it.”
Friendly. “What can I say? I like people.”

How do you feel about shoes?
“Are we talking Converse or couture? Whatever, as long as they’re open-toed or sandals.”
“Get these things off of me, now!”
“Whatevs. They keep your feet warm and make running easier.”

Which of the following best describes your look?
You wear more trinkets than an extra in a Lady Gaga video
There’s a slight green twinge to your complexion, but it’s kind of beautiful.
All-American. Not-too-trendy, not-too-casual.

Which of these statements best describes your family?
You don’t look like anyone in your family but your mother insists there was some uncle generations ago with the same crazy hair.
You hear your parents whispering about you late at night. The word, “monster,” comes up once or twice.
They’re cool.

In family photos, you’re always the one…
…wandering off.
…throwing a fit.
…smiling a big toothy grin for the camera.

What do you want to be “when you grow up?”
“Gardener, marine biologist, meteorologist, superstar. I’ve got options.”
“Did somebody say trust fund? I’ll take it! Oh, was this a question about working?”
“The person who invents new flavors for snack foods like potato chips and toaster strudel.”

Your parents announce you are going on an outdoor adventure. You…
Start packing. Finally something fun (even if you have to do it with them.)
Whine. Why can’t you just be outside without hiking?
Run, hide, lock yourself in your closet with video games, your smartphone, and a bag of Doritos.

Check each statement that applies to you.
You have more than just a green thumb. You could grow rice in the middle of the desert.
You are bizarrely attuned to nature, as in the wind blows when you need a movie moment.
Your siblings swear you must be adopted and you sort of wish it were true.
Fate seems to play a bigger role in your life than choice.
You feel destined for superstardom.
You wonder if you will always feel like an outsider.
Strange things happen when you are angry or upset.
Your hair, eyes, and complexion, can best be described as earth-toned.
You don’t mean to slam doors or break things, you’re just stronger than most people.
You get headaches if you think too hard.
You’re moody.
Your hair is an unruly mess!
Maybe it’s intuition. Maybe it’s Spidey senses. Whatever. Sometimes you just know something is going to happen - even if you’re not sure exactly how or when.
You’re totally in touch with other people’s moods.
You can really get inside your BFF’s head. It’s almost like you can talk to each other without saying a word.
You see colors in the air around people’s heads.
You sometimes wish people would shut up only to realize they haven’t been talking.
There is an inexplicable connection between your bad moods and sudden thunderstorms.
You sense when your loved ones are in danger or simply having a bad day.
You’re a nightmare in the morning. Your parents are afraid to wake you up.
Sometimes you paint things…and then they happen.
Oh, that little thing you do where you move things with your mind.
You may get injured or sick, but you don’t stay that way for long.
You have a talent for making people feel better.
So what if you’re a little spoiled? Mind on your money and money on your mind.