Welcome to Elora’s Gallery

What do you call a painting style so true-to-life, the events portrayed actually happen…in the future?

Elora’s special Trylle abilities give her visions of the future. The catch? She can’t see them until she paints them. But even then, Elora’s paintings only reveal a partial truth—a glimpse of something that may happen…unless the current circumstances change.


So, while Elora’s paintings are breathtaking in technique and photographic detail, she keeps them locked away.


Get a glimpse inside Elora’s painting gallery. Act fast. The door won’t be unlocked for long.


 “The beauty of the garden painting enraptured me so much it took me a moment to realize there was something dark lurking in it. A figure stood by the hedge. It appeared to be a man with hair far lighter than my own, but the shadows made it hard to tell. He stood in the distance, making his face too blurry to be distinguishable. Even though I couldn’t see much, there was something menacing about him. Or at least Elora thought so when she painted him. I got that vibe from the canvas.” –Wendy


“I walked around a hedge and saw a pond that inexplicably contained a small waterfall. I found the source of the laughter on two curved stone benches poised around it.  Rhys lay on his back on one bench, laughing and looking up at the sky. A girl looking a little bit older than me sat on the other bench, a Mountain Dew bottle in her hand. Her hair was shiny red, her eyes sparkled green, and she had a nervous smile. When she saw me, she stood up and paled a little.”


“An image flashed in my mind. The painting I had seen in Elora’s room, all dark smoke and red fires around broken chandeliers. Except the image in my mind seemed much more vivid, as if I could smell the smoke and see the fire raging, casting new shadows in the painting. The sound of glass shattering echoed in my ear.” -Wendy


“This is Förening.” Finn gestured to the hidden houses peeking out amongst the green foliage. “It is breathtaking,” I admitted. “I’m totally in awe.” “It’s all yours.” His dark eyes met mine, emphasizing the severity of his words. Then he looked away, scanning the trees. “This is your kingdom.”

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